New flexible packaging gives foodservice room to breathe
New flexible packaging gives foodservice room to breathe

New flexible packaging gives foodservice room to breathe

8 October 2020

Basciani Foods Inc., Avondale, Pa., has been searching for a bag to protect and extend the shelf life of mushrooms for years. Basciani Foods used to ship mushrooms in 5-pound tubs, for a more commercial use, a bag would suit better. Due to the global pandemic, their timeline changed.

The first bags became available when foodservice operators were forced to a standstill due to COVID-19 . “We finally got to the point where we were ready to start commercial production when this pandemic started and our foodservice business went out the window.” This forced the company to find new ways to extend the shelf life of mushrooms.
After a while “Orders started to trickle in when restaurants started doing take out, but nobody knew how much to order, what their demand would be — not the distributors or the restaurants.” -Fred Recchiuti-

So mr. Recchiuti asked his employees: How would you like a new package that doubles the shelf life of mushrooms?

The bags Basciani Foods Inc. uses, are made from a patented material that allows the mushrooms to “breathe”, which extends shelf life. All bags are packed on the VDL UVA LIMA Continuous Motion bagger. According to mr. Recchiuti the  bags use just a fraction of the plastic compared to the tubs while still guarding against tampering. To maximize product freshness, the company also provides clips to reseal the bags.

“Currently we only pack foodservice sliced mushrooms in the bags because they are our most perishable products,” – Fred Recchiuti

This means the bags do not only keep the mushrooms fresh and suit to a commercial demand, but also contribute to a more sustainable packaging.

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