Traditional Swiss company is investing in the future

Traditional Swiss company is investing in the future

30 September 2019

Tradition and progress are closely entwined at Swiss grain mill E. Zwicky AG. The long-established company in the canton of Thurgau with 127 years of experience in the production of grain, legumes and seeds, invests in a high-tech packaging line. The project is developed by VDL UVA Packaging in cooperation with Yamato, Bodijn and All-Fill. Together the companies worked closely and were successful through cooperation!

The newly installed line is not off-the-rack, but tailor-made with various components for the diverse and complex requirements of the B2B and retail market. 

The challenge is to «fit the elements of the system together like pieces of a puzzle»’ knows Martin Meier, Project leader and division manager of the technical department at E. Zwicky AG.

«The new packaging line is an investment in our core strengths: flexibility and innovation» according to Kurt Krucker, the CEO of Zwicky. With the new line, various granulated products can be packed in packaging sizes between 15 gr and 3 kg. The system knows no boundaries in bag shapes and is able to close bags with glue, Velcro or zipper. 

With an optimal capacity and quality assurance, the new machinery will be used for the wholesale and retail market by Zwicky from September 2019. 


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