The UVA Dynamic Pure is an advanced, and immensely flexible bagmaker, offering the ability to expand in the field where market requirements dictate. 

Such flexibility has been a goal of many VFFS manufacturers but no manufacturer except for VDL Packaging has been able to truly succeed. The VDL Dynamic Pure, like its predecessors the NEWTON and LIMA, is designed with true expandability as the number one priority. VDL Packaging has for many years concentrated on developing options for a variety of markets that can be added onto a basic machine, either during the base machine production or after installation at the customer’s plant. These options include four corner seal, air deflation, press to close zipper, Slider zipper and a host more.

With the UVA Dynamic Pure this flexibility is further enhanced as the base machine and several optional modules will be available in true IP55 execution.

  • An IP55 washdown VFFS Machine, every exposed part is designed to withstand thorough washdown cycles
  • Sloped surfaces on the sheet metal frame, doors and former set to prevent contamination and bacterial growth
  • Stainless steel film carrier, designed with sloped surfaces
  • 180° degree front opening for easy accessibility and cleaning
  • Option to expand and upgrade our modular design at any time, for even more bag styles and bag options
  • Electro cabinet cooling with hygienic and  waterproof rubbers
  • Build in touchscreen in an 30 degree angle (IP66) (rotatable and tilt able HMI support optional)
  • Optional ceramic sealing bars for improved film use, mono layer film and more safety
  • Engraved rulers
  • One machine for multiple bag styles and sizes
  • Washdown IP66 enclosure for Continuous Motion and Horizontal Motion for gusset blades
  • Full stainless steel forming set
  • Washdown splicing table
  • Fast and easy film guiding corrections in film web due to spring loaded guiding rollers simple to remove and clean
  • Cables guided through the frame, protected from liquid and residues
  • The UVA Dynamic Hydro is our washdown (IP66) model








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