UVA InMotion 500


The UVA InMotion 500 is our largest intermittend bag maker to pack products in large and medium-sized, high-quality bags with a premium look and feel. Ready for unique shelf presentation and options to improve freshness and package handling. Suited for a large variety of markets (e.g. Pet food, Chemicals, Seeds and Food) in multiple bag styles and sizes, with the possibility of reclose ability and easy opening & handling.

We understand that packaging is never standard and requires specific optimization, depending on the type of product that is packed. The combination of our experience, customer-orientated mentality and innovative strength, results in the best packaging solution for your market/client.

The UVA InMotion 500 will help you to become more efficient in bag value and factory output.

  • Smaller foot print than horizontal open-mouth equipment
  • Possible to produce large symmetric and asymmetric Block Bottom or Corner Seal Bags up to 35 kilograms
  • High performance up to 40 bpm with single pull without zip
  • Premium high quality bags, with lower material cost compared to pre-made bags
  • Enormous flexibility in features, for extra product freshness, easy bag handling, optimum shelf presentation and bag style variety
  • Flexibility in your choice for any zipper manufacturer
  • Multiple zipper executions available, press to close (P2C), slider zip, Velcro or Aplix (hook to hook closures)
  • Transverse zipper applicator, for accurate zipper position reducing frowning and smiling, for optimum reclose ability and thus product freshness.
  • Maximum film width of 1.350 mm
  • Maximum bag length up to 1.200 mm
  • Modular and ergonomic design
  • Great service and quality 
  • Excellent and fast after sales service







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