VDL Packaging VFFS machines are built of A-brand parts and components. All motions are driven by servo technology. The modular design makes the LIMA-C the most versatile continuous motion packaging machine available in the market. 

Are you looking for the highest speeds? Do you want the flexibility to change the bag styles when market trends change, but still at an affordable price per bag? Then VDL Packaging's UVA Lima is what you’re looking for!

The UVA Lima is able to support sealing of any flexible packaging structure, including the latest developments in sustainable materials. In addition to running a wide range of bag styles, we offer several accessories which help our customers optimize their packaging line efficiency and minimize material waste. With our autosplice unit, our customers have no downtime during roll changes and only two or three bags might be affected by the splice.

The UVA Lima is designed and developed to be dynamic and expandable. The result: a highly innovative packaging machine that makes your machine park ready for the future with creative and sustainable packaging.


Are you interested in the UVA Lima? Download the brochure through the link below.

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