The brilliance of a twin is that they can be identical and at the same time different. The UVA Twinner consists of two  continuous motion machines installed in one frame. Both operate in the same way and offer the flexibility to make different bag styles either side.

The UVA Twinner is the ideal machine for customers who need the highest speed and flexibility on a small footprint. VDL Packaging stands for a quality machine that creates the highest bag finish possible for our customers and their end-users. For that reason, we can provide the option to make four corner seal bags symmetric and a-symmetric. Our optional integrated autosplicer makes the UVA Twinner essential to keep the production in motion, and to save on film material.

We believe in simplicity in machine operation and provide the best practice in fast former and film roll change-overs. The UVA Twinner is ideal for customers in the co-packing industry and for customers that need fast production speeds.

  • Exceptional high speed up to 400 bags per minute (mechanical speed)
  • Two UVA Lima continuous motion machines in one frame resulting in a smaller footprint
  • Two independent operating machines in bag style, weight, film, speed etc.
  • Separated build-in controls for each machine
  • Optional Symmetric and a-symmetric corner seal bags
  • Integrated autosplicer to keep the production running and save film material
  • Pitch distance of 1.080 mm for large wide body multihead weighers or two separate dosing systems
  • Easy to operate with Allen-Bradley controls
  • Fast and simple change overs reduces unnecessary standstill








Movie UVA Twinner 

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