UVA Essential


The UVA Essential is value for money! 

As the successor of the successful Butler 4 we have looked at flexibility, simplicity and packed it in a compact stainless steel body frame to achieve the best price-performance ratio. The UVA Essential movement is now fully servo-controlled to ensure the best controls and highest bag finish. 

To achieve the highest flexibility, the UVA Essential can be equipped with different seal technologies and options. Our VFFS is standard equipped with our heat seal technology. Optional we offer the ceramic seal system for e.g. mono-layer films to increase your sustainability. If you want both systems this is possible too, as our simple interchangeable mechanism allows you to change one to the other seal system. The UVA Essential is suitable for multiple markets and bag styles.

We believe the UVA Essential becomes essential to fulfil your needs, creativity and sustainability. 

VDL Packaging stands for quality, we develop creative solutions for reliable and high-quality bags.

  • Redesign of our successful butler 4 model
  • High value for your money
  • Draw down belt position is servo controlled, for accurate and fast film transport, resulting in higher quality bags 
  • Interchangeable seal mechanism allows you to change easy from heat seal to ceramic seal
  • Electrical cabinet fixed to the machine frame, less feet on the ground improves hygiene
  • One machine for multiple bag types, bag styles and sizes
  • Stand Alone Cornerseal Unit (SACU) optional for 4 Cornerseal bags & Pushpop bags
  • Modular and ergonomic design
  • New standard air clamp film reel shaft, with blow gun, for quick and easy foil change over
  • Draw down belts available in friction or vacuum execution
  • Great service and quality
  • Fast and excellent after sales service 


The perfect system for liquids and monolayer foils to improve your sustainability and recyclability of your packaging materials. The technical benefit of the ceramic seal system is the fast and precise temperature control of the cross seal bar. Due to a ceramic imbedded heating impulse wire and the water cooling system the temperature can reach 300°C and cools down in milliseconds. This results in very fast sealing times and strong airtight seals even for products in liquid. The seal is thin and without a free skirt resulting in saving extra foil and improved hygiene.





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Brochure Stand Alone Cornerseal Unit (SACU)



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