The world of Coffee

Coffee roasters take pride in their roasting process and endeavour to create a product that has quality flavour, aroma and body. It's a high-value product, which often comes with special requests regarding packaging, as producers want that to be as unique as the coffee inside. At VDL Packaging, we offer a variety of packaging solutions for the coffee market, ranging from sticks to packaging for pads, beans and ground coffee.

During the coffee packaging process, both volatile and non-volatile gases are released. Of these gases, 80% is O2. This adds flavour to the coffee inside, but also continues to be emitted for some time. The lower the O2 emission rate, the longer the coffee inside remains fresh. Once gas flushing is over (which depends on the type of coffee), the packaging has to be protected from drawing vacuum by using a valve.

From luxury stand-up pouches that function as shelf heroes to doy styles or 4-corner seals – we offer flexible coffee packaging that maintains the coffee, its integrity and shelf-life as long as possible. Within our portfolio we offer pouches with peelable seals, integrated tin ties and brick-shaped bags. And, as we’re working more and more sustainably every day, we work with sustainable materials and use our specific air-deflation unit to save foil.

The best machines for your market 

Machines selected especially for the Coffee market


UVA Dynamic Pure

continuous motion bagger

A solution for the coffee market


UVA Lima 

continuous motion bagger
200 bags/min

Up to 7 different bag styles


UVA Newton TX

intermittent motion bagger
100 bags/min

Up to 10 different bag styles

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