The world of Confectionary

VDL Packaiging appreciated in the market for its high quality
and extremely reliable packaging solutions for more than
80 years with an installed base of thousands of machines
at many customers from small companies on a tight budget
to large multinationals organisations all over the world.

Today market leaders in the industry have selected
VDL Packaging to be their preferred partner of choice for
these demanding packaging solutions.

The best machines for your market 

Machines selected especially for the Confectionary market


UVA Essential

intermittent motion bagger

Our new entry model


UVA Lima C

continuous motion bagger
200 bags/min

Up to 7 different bag styles


UVA Newton

intermittent motion bagger
120 bags/min

Up to 7 different bag styles



film wrapping machine
160 cycles/min

Single product packaging

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