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The world of Fresh food

Fresh from the land, freshly packed in stores. When it comes to the fresh market, it’s about serving fresh products in the best possible way and enabling a longer product lifetime. Producers aim to decrease the time between harvest and packaging. Minimising the time to market. Especially today, as the trend for healthy eating has grown significantly, so the right packaging at the right moment plays an important part.

In the fresh segment, producers are facing several challenges. One of them is that the processing time must be constantly reduced, in order to get the products to the market as fast as possible. On the other hand, consumers are increasingly demanding more natural foods, which leads to the challenge of using more alternative raw materials and ingredients. Affordable, convenient, and sustainable packaging materials, such as PET, paper, aluminium, and polyvinyl chloride, are increasing in demand. At the same time, new packaging technologies, such as active packaging, intelligent packaging, and engineering science have evolved over the years.

Technologies that enable flexible packaging for fresh food products. The result: companies are adopting more eco-friendly packaging by using biodegradable packaging materials, which can be recycled, renewed, and reused.

At VDL Packaging, we offer a variety of packaging solutions for the fresh segment, including practical single-serve units, integral loops for easy carrying, airtight bags and different options for cross seal jaws that ensure longer product freshness and avoid food waste. Additionally, our machines can work with materials that comply with the European regulations. All this contributes to maximum freshness, and as low an ecological footprint as possible, while aiming for the longest possible shelf life.

The best machines for your market 

Machines selected especially for the Fresh market


UVA Dynamic Hydro

continuous motion bagger
150 bags/min

IP66 washdown machine


UVA Dynamic Pure 

continuous motion bagger
150 bags/min

IP55 Hygienic machine


UVA Essential

intermittent motion bagger
125 bags/min

IP54, entry model

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