Doy style

About the Doy

A very unique design that is gaining popularity 
and originally  introduced as pre-made bag, 
now also possible on a vertical bagger. 
Saving cost and floor space. Also possible 
with re-closable functionality.
Can be produced on same machine as pillow and 
flat bottom. Also with very convenient slider zipper.

The best machines for your bag style 

Machines selected especially for the Doy style


UVA Dynamic Pure

continuous motion bagger

IP55 hygienic machine 


UVA Lima Twinner

continuous motion bagger

Double speed or 2 different bags 


UVA Lima

continuous motion bagger
200 bags/min

Up to 7 different bag styles


UVA Newton TX

intermittent motion bagger
100 bags/min

Up to 10 different bag styles


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