Packing liquids in VFFS is a challenge. There are several ways to do it. We use our UVA Ceramic Sealer technology. This system works perfectly with PE or PE laminates like PA/PE or PE/PA/PE.

Monolayer films like PE improves the sustainability and recyclability of your packaging material. The technical benefit of the ceramic system is the fast and precise temperature control of the sealing bar. Due to a heating impuls combined with a water cooler the temperature can reach 300°C and cools down in milliseconds. It results in fast sealing times and strong airtight and waterproof seals for products in liquid. The seal is thin and without a free skirt resulting in saving extra foil and improved hygiene.

The system has one heated bar and the other side an anvil with has a silicon rubber for sealing and cutting of the bag. The ceramic system doesn’t have any moving parts what makes it extra reliable and maintenance-friendly. The ceramic system is a knifeless system that increases safety during maintenance. The cooldown time of the bars is only milliseconds which reduces burning hazards to zero.  The ceramic system contributes to cost reduction, safety, hygiene, quality and seal integrity 

VDL Packaging can fully integrate a ceramic system into our Dynamic range, Lima and Essential models. We believe in simplicity and flexibility. For that reason, we can offer our models with interchangeable seal bars. Our customers can easily switch between heat seal bars or ceramic seal bars.

Examples of market segments 


Film reduction with ceramic seal 


The best machines for your market 

Machines selected especially for packing liquids


UVA Dynamic Hydro
Continuous motion bagger
bags per minute

IP66 Washdown machine


UVA Dynamic Pure
Continuous motion bagger
bags per minute

IP55 Hygienic machine


Continuous motion bagger
150 bags per minute

IP54 machine 


UVA Essential
Intermittent motion bagger
125 bags/min

IP54 entry level machine